Fall/Winter 2016

Pups and Pints

Move Over PB&J, This Combo’s Got You Beat

by Karsen Price • Photos by BARKography by Kim Hollis  • September 1, 2016


What do you get when you take a wiggle-happy, slightly pungent, energetic fur-ball of a dog and add a glorious glass of the freshest, craft-made amber nectar found in the Queen City?


Throw in a collection of dog and brew lovers — you know, the kind of people who will put down their beer to walk over and say hello to your pup — and what have you got?


A brewery.  But not just any brewery.

A craft brewery.


Cheers To Dogs

Where did it originate, this connection between pups and pints?  Perhaps it simply comes down to this: The type of people who can truly appreciate the art of craft beverages are typically (allergies aside) the type of people who understand the love and soulful satisfaction of a great pet.


And dogs are the luckiest of all pets.  Dogs, unlike most animals, can go nearly anywhere their parents go.  (Have you ever tried to take a cat into a bar?  Or a guinea pig?  Maybe your puffer fish?)  Bringing the dog along for the ride tends to be important to the craft-beverage crowd.  Maybe that’s because beer lovers are in touch with their emotions, and likewise know it’s the little things that count. They know that animals are the best friends around.


Dogs don’t care if you lose your job … if you haven’t showered in a month … if you talk too much or you’re simply a bit weird. Dogs love you if you love them. And there’s an attitude of acceptance in the craft beverage world that matches Fido’s “I love you, man” mentality.


The heart of the industry is a unique “indie-rules, love-thy-neighbor-and-thy-dog, let’s-appreciate-the-good-stuff” mentality that makes a brewery more than just a place to enjoy a beer. It makes it home away from home.  And what’s a home without your favorite pet  (A.K.A. best friend)?

Pups & Pints Cover Contest

Gravity Magazine held a cover contest over the summer and here were some of our favorites.


Steve at OMB. His people: Rebecca & Nick FitzsimonsGriffin. Her people: Rory & Richard ToppingCash. His people: Whitney & Kyle BrekkeCairo. His person: Faith EllerbeBrun0 at Full Spectrum. His person: Loran SekelyZellie at Lenny Boy. His person: Kimberly SimmonsAxel at Birdsong. His person: Lisa HaynesJoJo at Wooden Robot. His person: Mollie Blair DemottLouie with Sycamore's Southern Girl. His person: Liz FergusonShadow at NoDa. His person: Heidi and CodyBuddytheBrewer at Legion. His person: Alexa LongRiggs at Craft. His person: Logan SuttonHuey & his buddy Porter. Huey's person: Lindsay OlsonBruno with Gravity Magazines. His people: Kerrie & Jason Boys<>10 - 14



Triple The Love

Need proof of this warm and fuzzy connection?  Head into Triple C Brewery in South End, and take a look around.  If you don’t see dogs hanging out at the bar with their owners, waiting patiently for you to pet them, their cool neck-kerchiefs tied just so, then you’ll see evidence of dogness … including water bowls, dog treats, two outside “poop stations” and perhaps a collection of customers with more than a few dog hairs on their clothes.


As Charlotte Beer Babes leader Bethany Burr puts it, Triple C is  “probably the most dog-centric brewery in town.”  Chris Harker (yes, rhymes with barker) is one of the owners of Triple C.  He admits, “We love dogs. I have two labradoodles that come to work each day — Maggie and Barley.  And head brewer Scott Kimball’s dog is named Ace.  He is an awesome rescue mutt.”  Harker says most visitors seem to have an affinity for dogs, but notes,  “Obviously, some dogs are better behaved than others.”


Triple C is known throughout the community for its dog charity efforts, and the brewery is proud of the effect they’ve made on Charlotte’s dog community.  The brewery even made it into the Great Dogs of Charlotte book (Greatdogsclt.com; $29), a 160-page, hard-back book that highlights Charlotte’s canine community and benefits the Humane Society of Charlotte.


“Our annual 5K raised $17,500 for Project 2 Heal this year,” Harker says.  “We have done a lot with the Humane Society, too.  We host a charity dog walk called Barktoberfest each year. Charlotte Pride also has a doggie fashion show here each year.”


Harker has a simple reason pups and pints go together so well. “Man’s best friend and man’s favorite drink!” he says.



Here, Boy

Townes Mozer is owner and brewer of Lenny Boy Brewing Co., and both his brewery’s name and logo have a connection with dogs. But not just any dog — his dog.


“The name Lenny Boy is named after my dog, Lennox,” Mozer says.  “It was a name that rolled off the tongue:  ‘Hey, let me get a Lenny Boy.’  It felt like it was natural.”


Mozer developed his logo to represent the deep connection between dogs, men and craft beverages. “The logo of a man and a dog is universal, and usually evokes a sense of companionship and bond that we all have for dogs.  Hence the quote, ‘A man’s best friend: the beer, the kombucha and the dog.’”


At Lenny Boy Brewing, you’ll find dog treats for furry visitors.  Visitors will also find a new brew pup, Luna, on site daily because, as Mozer notes, “Lenny unfortunately passed away in January.”


The company is very involved in dog charities.  “We are donating our yoga proceeds to Spay and Neuter Charlotte for the month of September,” Mozer says. “We are also hosting an adoption-ready dog show this winter at the brewery. All of the dogs in the dog show will be up for adoption.”



Not Just For Men

Brew lover Lindsay Olson would like to point out that the phrase “man’s best friend” is missing one important component – women.  Case in point: Olson’s dog, Huey Lewis, is an adorable black-and-white rescue pup with huge clumsy paws and a penchant for breweries.  The laid-back, lovable pooch was rescued by Olson from the Humane Society when he was just a few months old (he turned 3 years old in June 2016).


Olson says her dog is more than just an important part of her life.  “I’d say Huey is my life,” Olson says, with a smile. “He goes pretty much everywhere with me.  All of my favorite spots are places that Huey is allowed to go.”


Olson is one of the managers of VGBG Beer Hall & Garden in the NC Music Factory, where she’s worked for over four years.  She’s also involved in the company’s new concept, a restaurant/bar known as 8.2.0; likewise, she works long hours.  When Olson is off work, she likes to bring Huey along when possible.


“Which segues into why the breweries are perfect for us,” she says.  “I love beer, and Huey is allowed to go to most breweries, so it’s a win-win!  All of my friends know I prefer dog-friendly places.  Huey is a sweet-mannered, easygoing boy, so he makes it easy to bring him along.  He loves people, other pups and the attention he gets from both.  I’m pretty sure he’s convinced he is a human … probably because I spoil him rotten and treat him as such.”


Olson is a fan of Birdsong Brewing and Wooden Robot, but she appreciates all of Charlotte’s breweries, noting, “Each brewery brings something different to the scene.”


Huey even has his own best brewery bud to hang with in town — a pup named Porter.  Olson says, “Porter’s parents are also lovers of craft beer, so whenever we head to the breweries, the boys always come along.”


Olson truly appreciates the connection between dogs and brew, and the way craft breweries perpetuate that connection.


“I love how accepting the brew scene is of our four-legged friends,” she says. “Most of the breweries we go to are super friendly and welcome the pups with a treat or two.  It’s just a great culture, and one I’m glad I can support.”



Off-leash fun for your pooch, while you have a craft beverage

The Dog Bar

3307 N Davidson St

Fee of $10.00 for each dog

Proof of vaccination/No Children


Ike’s Dog Pub

142 Consumer Square Drive • Mooresville, NC

Unleashed dogs can romp on soft

astro turf, leashed on patio


Lucky Dog Bark & Brew

Cornelius: 19607 Statesville Road

Charlotte: 2220 Thrift Road

Bar, boutique & doggie daycare

Ages 21 and up ONLY.


Pamper Your Pup

HopDog Collars

Stylish dog collars tough enough to let your dog be a dog. Crafted in Charlotte.

Find them on Etsy, HopDogCLT www.etsy.com/shop/HopDogCLT


Pet Food Made to Order

Guaranteed the freshest food possible for your pet.

Pet Wants Charlotte: The Urban Feed Store • 2324 B Distribution St., Charlotte



Bowser Beer for Dogs

Beefy Brown Ale™  & Cock-a-Doodle Brew™

Available at Canine Cafe • 125 Remount Road




Painting & Things by Carla

When she’s not running NoDa Brewing beer runs, Carla Garrison-Mattos is also a talented muralist and pooch painter. To request a commission, message Carla at www.facebook.com/PaintingsAndThings/






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